Things You Can Do to Land a Date on Qemistry

6th October 2020
woman using app

Thanks to the fact that Qemistry is a video only dating app (that’s a series of short, prerecorded video clips) you have a whole range of opportunities to impress a potential date that can’t do on existing dating apps. Don’t upload bland chat about liking long walks on the beach, but rather, go wild and let your imaginations run free. Our top tip to you is to get as creative as you can about what you upload. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Make people laugh.

We interviewed THOUSANDS of potential users in the creation of Qemistry, and almost everyone said that ‘funny’ was in the top five characteristics they looked for in a partner.

Show off your athletic abilities.

You can do this without having to resort to taking mirror selfies at the gym. Backflips, Yoga poses, Superman Planks and squatting with your mate over your shoulders are all in. Bonus points for videos taken with a nice backdrop. We saw one rather attractive chappy trail running to the highest point on a Greek island. Sensational.

Can you play guitar? Maybe the drums? Stick it on!

Pro tip: avoid singing a love song into the camera. The only thing you’re likely to stir is someone’s returning lunch. Seduce someone with your sexy accent. Think you’ve got a weird voice? So do 99.9% of other people, and we can categorically promise you that someone out there thinks you sound like Antonio Banderas and WLTM you.

Crack a smile.

Or go even further than that and catch yourself in full belly laugh mode. Considerably more dopamine is released into the brain of the receiver when they see someone laugh on film compared to looking at a still smile, and that means more likes.

Tell stories.

Shoot a thirty second instructional film on how to make your favourite cocktail, or even your nan’s special sauce. Tell stories about your comedy neighbours. Court others attention by showing them that you’re interesting and that you’ll have good chat on a date.