Finally, a dating app with personality.

Brand new dating app finally brings online dating in line with the rest of social media.

6th September 2020
woman using app

Qemistry is a brand new dating app launching on 6 September 2020 where profiles are a series of video clips. Expect TikToks, Instagram stories and Reels and playful videos you throw around with your mates. Connections matter, and when meeting in real life, personality, character, oomph, and a zest for life matters. More than a curated, photo-shopped collage of still images can portray. Both single, the founders hated the endless swiping of personality-lite faces on stale dating apps. The experience was mixed, at best. Yes, the market for dating apps is thick with options, but they saw a gap. They wanted more. And so they decided to solve this problem and evolve what stale dating apps offer, bringing them in line with the rest of social media. They created an app that is based on video only profiles.

Why video? Video is fresh, malleable, exciting. It displays nonverbal communication; it engages and offers a blank canvas for creative minds. It is quick, it incites action; it is convenient, and modern tech has made video production more accessible than ever. Video is the biggest innovation in social communication since texting; and it is staggering it has yet to feature on dating apps.

Qemistry allows members to get to know their match before they have even sent their first like. Video profiles are a fun, engaging, creative way to express personality; the secret sauce in any lasting relationship. “Since the pandemic many more people are choosing to have their first date over FaceTime, because you can’t tell enough about someone from existing dating app profiles, and users don’t want to waste time dating people they’re never going to fancy. Now you can use your personality to help land a match, bringing the dating app experience much more in line with real life encounters.” - Emma, Co-founder.

The Qemistry team do not want members to upload bland monologues, but rather, go wild and let imaginations run free. Tell jokes, perform skits, dance, sing; or shoot a thirty second film. Tell stories. Tell stories about themselves. Engage, court the attention of those whose hearts and minds flit and frolic in the same flower-strewn meadow. The team is there to help and has added some suggestions and prompts for those of us feeling a little less creative.

“Dating apps are tired. They have lost the ‘wow’. They are all the same, stuck in the original Facebook and Instagram photo era. Social media has moved on. It has evolved. Video is where it’s at. Dating apps on the market haven’t caught up yet”. - Sachin, Co-founder.

The app launches with an online challenge to a range of influencers from different communities having a TikTok duet with the brand. The challenge was ‘You’ve got 15 seconds to land a date. What do you upload?’. The responses will include dances, stand up comedy, videos with friends, athletic exploits and highlight just how much fun members can have making Qemistry profiles, going through potential matches, and how members make meaningful and authentic connections. Authentic connections lead to better dates.

Online dating has caused some well documented social problems. The shallow, looks driven, nature of dating apps, coupled with the lack of personality being presented online can exacerbate racial biases, mental health problems, flakiness and host of other issues. Video profiles help to solve these issues, as people become more real. Connections become more meaningful; courtship becomes more authentic. Qemistry is a new way of dating, more original, more expressive: more real.

Qemistry is a free to use video profile dating app in the UK launching on 3 September 2020. The app places personality on an equal footing to looks with profiles that are made up of a series of video clips. Qemistry ends the boredom of swiping personality-lite faces, leading to authentic interactions and meaningful connections between members. Meaningful connections that lead to better, more meaningful dates. Qemistry is a London based startup founded by Sachin Karia and Emma Clark. Follow us on instagram.

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