7 Reasons Why Qemistry Is Different from Other Dating Apps

With video first profiles, Qemistry presents a whole new opportunity to express yourself in online dating.

2nd October 2020
woman using app

Qemistry is all about helping you find people you vibe with, not just going off carefully angled photos of someone’s pout. See more what someone’s like in real life before you even send a like is what can really decide how well you end up getting along with that person. No nasty surprises and unexpected curveballs on your dates.

To give you some context, over 20% of dating app users have admitted to using someone else’s photo on a dating app profile. A further 20% have admitted using photos from 10 years ago or older. Using ancient photos or photos of a catalogue model just isn’t going to work on Qemistry, video is far more secure when it comes to true identification. Sneaks can’t rely on photos taken from their best angle. Actual catfishing is nearly impossible.

These are the obvious benefits of video profiles, but frankly, we’re more excited about some of the less obvious reasons below.

Show off a new party trick

Why limit using party tricks to parties? In what has turned out to be a members’ favourite genre of video to upload, use Qemistry to expand your own repertoire. Favourites have included the cereal box game, wacky worm races and the TikToker’s infamous skewer stuck in a bottle.

More dogs

Yes, much like in traditional dating apps dogs still feature more than any other animal. The statistics behind puppy pulling power are undeniable, with men in particular leveraging their canines in the hope you dig their dog enough to send them a like.

Unique profiles

Whilst text boxes have served admirably to allow users to put some sort of creativity and personality across and to try and bring life to their photos, it often leads to the same answers being pushed out by everyone, because everyone can type exactly the same thing, with exactly the same effect (we’re blaming Ctrl+V). Even if two members record the exact same message it’s hard for it not to be at least slightly different, and therefore, more interesting.

Significantly less self proclaimed foodies

Whilst we’re on text boxes, the videos members upload are way more interesting and varied than the typed answers most common on other dating apps. Do you profess to ‘Like Good Food’? Well that’s funny, because everyone else would rather eat gruel 3 times a day. Food is necessary for survival kids, and no one chooses to eat badly. Why not go a step further and show you know how to make their favourite meal? You can leave the defibrillator in the cupboard when you’re using Qemistry.

Better first impressions

You can stop using job descriptions to guess if someone’s able to string a sentence together. Often singles miss out on some incredible people with less incredible job descriptions. Does it really matter?

More authentic attraction

Base your attraction on the inside AND outside of people, in the same way you would if you met them in a bar. Make fewer shallow judgements based on exterior features and swipe in a more considered way.


Almost everyone reckons ‘funny’ is in the top 5 characteristics they look for in a partner, and fortunately, Qemistry members seem to realise that, and have put together some pretty comedic profiles. Using dating apps should be fun, and it just got a whole lot funner.

Find someone online that you vibe with, so you can have something meaningful offline.